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What is the PSC?

Point of Single Contact (PSC)
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The Point of Single Contact (PSC) Styria is part of a network of Points of Single Contact all over Europe. The PSC Styria is a service and information office that acts as an intermediary between persons who want to provide services in Styria and the appropriate competent authorities. The support provided by the PSC Styria is free of charge.

The PSC Styria

  • provides you with online information about services, i.e. on the procedures and formalities required to access and exercise service activities and provides you with information about the recognition of professional qualifications obtained in a Member State of the EU/EEA or in Switzerland and
  • accepts applications and forwards them to the competent authorities/offices.

The PSC provides an overview of the necessary steps and allows service providers to carry out any formalities electronically. The PSC site of Styria provides you also with information regarding authorities, registers and databases, training courses etc.

Externe Verknüpfung Guidelines for the Austrian ”Point of Single Contact“ - Service provider

Externe Verknüpfung Guidelines for the Austrian "Point of Single Contakt" - Professional qualifications for regulated professions 

Info box:

Services" includes any independent activity covered by article 57 of the Externe Verknüpfung Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (AEUV) , normally provided for remuneration.

On the pages offered by the PSC Styria, you will find information on requirements which apply to service providers domiciled in Styria, in particular regarding the procedures and formalities pertaining to the commencement and provision of services. Apart from the procedures mentioned here, please also take note of the reporting requirements for Externe Verknüpfung Social Security and the Externe Verknüpfung tax authorities.

Facilitation measures for companies
Externe Verknüpfung Brochure provided by the European Commission
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